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With cryptocurrencies, and investments in them, growing daily; an intuitive and intelligent app was required to grow along side them. CryptoWatch is a community driven investment tracker that helps you monitor your portfolio, check live feeds of other potential coins, store your favourite addresses for faster transactions and sharing your findings.

Keeping up with the trends

Available globally on the App Store

Amazing, verified, customer support

Packed with features

Growing with technology, CryptoWatch embraces the power that is available; monitoring your investments couldn’t be easier.

Supporting all iPhone models

Great looking iPad application

Simplistic design, wonderful experience

For the pro

One time only in app purchase

Choose which exchanges you want

Fast and intuitive Apple Watch app

Risk free address storage

Visual aids to bring better clarity

Customisable settings to tailor your experience

Community Driven

CryptoWatch thrives in the support it has received by the community, users get in touch and leave reviews with feature requests and praise on a daily basis. The requests and compliments are invaluable to the growth of the app; come and join the community, bring your ideas and have a voice.


Keep up with developments

Registering your email will invite you to the CryptoWatch Slack channel and update emails.

Works for me!

Simple / smooth UI. I was new to crypto investing and tried several apps that give 1 simple overview of your portfolio (which you have probably stored in many places ). This app gives you 1 total overview of all of all your investments. Just add all your coins and for how much you bought them (incl when and where) and you’re all set. Highly recommend it

strijkertje App Reviewer


An easy app. to use and understand, an essential for a crypto wallet portfolio.

Jamyp App Reviewer


Worth upgrading to the Pro version, love the app so far!

mixJ2O App Reviewer

A Must Have

Everyone should really have this app, it’s a must have for anyone who’s into crypto trading. Works really well in tracking all transactions and gets updated regularly.

midknight8888888888 App Reviewer
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