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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of purchasing pro?

Purchasing Pro enables you to start entering in your crypto transactions, both buy and sell; this allows the app to start tracking the performance of the coins you have invested in.

You will be able to watch your investments with total value valuations and graphs that show profit and loss lines across a selected period of time.

How do add a coin to my watchlist?

Each coin on the live view has a left swipe, this will provide you with a `Watch` option. To unwatch you can repeat the action.

The prices don't always match my provider price, why is this?

The app retrieves prices from five different providers, these are interchangable with the pro version; with these prices the app will display an average of all the current received prices.

Some coin prices are slower to update than others? (EG - ETH vs ANS)

Currently the prices are received from the exchanges in USD, this is the most common pairing across all coins; because of this some exchanges don’t have that pair, meaning that the price is queried via another source at a lesser frequency.

How do you edit or delete a transaction?

The performance screen displays your total coin value, your invested/profit amount (depending if you are currently in profit or not) the difference between your holding and the value of your portfolio as a percentage.

Why is my coin/performance always showing profit?

If you are in profit on the screen then the aggregate of your transactions is in profit, if you only want to see you invested amounts then the only way to ensure this happens is to delete transactions that complete and bring coins back to a zero holding. Work is underway to allow you to mark transactions as historical, thus allowing the app to only calculate transactions that you have specified.

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